2010 LDBC College Football Picks Challenge Rules

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Here are the complete rules for this year's College Picks Challenge. If you have any questions not covered here, send an email to collegefootball@ldbcgames.com and ask away. Questions will be answered as promptly as possible and this page will be updated to make sure your question is officially answered here as well.

Total Wins

This year, the winner of the competition will be decided by the number of wins a person has accumulated over the course of the season.


One of the highlights of the LDBC College Football Picks Challenge has been the upset bonus that rewards people who know when a lower-seeded team is going to knock off a higher-seeded team. For a game to qualify as an upset for the purposes of this competition, one team must be unanimously higher ranked than its opponent in all of the four major polls, or however many of those are available at the time. Initially, this will be the A.P. Top 25 Poll and the USA Today Coach's Poll, with the Harris poll coming in a few weeks later and the BCS poll counting when it becomes available.

The upset bonus this year will be 1 win added to your win/loss record. Since the winner is decided by number of wins this year, successful upset picks will be very beneficial. These bonus wins will also be included if win % is needed at the end of the year to break a tie. You are only allowed to label one game as your upset. You must have chosen the lower seeded team to defeat the higher seeded team in order for this to count as an upset. If you label more than one game as an upset, none of the upset labels will be valid, meaning it will be as if you had not labeled any games as upsets.

Deadline and Procedure for Submissions

The deadline for any Thursday or Friday games will be at the kickoff for that particular game. All games played Saturday or beyond will have a deadline at the kickoff of the first game picked on Saturday. Also, to help ensure your picks are not lost, it is vital that everyone only complete picks using the "Make Picks as a Member" page once per week. If all of the games are not selected in that one use of "Make Picks as a Member" page or a game previously picked needs to be changed, each person must use his personal picks page to complete picks for any blank games or to change a pick for a game that has been previously completed. If a person uses the "Make Picks as a Member" page more than once in a given week, the last use will be accepted and any previous use(s) will be discarded.


If there is a tie for first at the end of the season, there will be two tie-breakers to help decide a winner. The first tie-breaker will be the national champion pick made with the Week 1 picks. If none of the tied parties correctly picked the national champion, the person whose selected champion finishes highest in the BCS will be the winner. If the same champion is chosen or no champion is chosen, we will move to the second tie-breaker. The second tie-breaker will be win % for the entire season. If the win % is the same and the tie remains unbroken, the competition will end in a tie.

Game Suggestions

Suggestions for games to be picked each week can be submitted via email to collegefootball@ldbcgames.com. These suggestions must be received by 9 p.m. Monday evening to be included in the week's picks. Any suggested game must be able to be reasonably defended as one of the better games in the week and/or as a game that should be of interest to everyone in order for it to be considered.

Password Protection and Game Integrity

Protect your password! If someone uses your password at a point in the future to change or make your picks without your permission, the picks will be final as if you had submitted them yourself. If you have given someone your password and you fear you might not be able to trust them, I suggest you submit a new password emailed to collegefootball@ldbcgames.com from the email address you used to sign up. This is your one and only warning on this matter. Similarly, if you submit picks without the correct password which you provided, your picks will not count. If you would like to change your password at any point, you must do so in an email to collegefootball@ldbcgames.com.

If it turns out someone competing in the league has used someone else’s password to change a pick, we have a very serious problem. Let me make you aware that some people take this competition, or any competition for that matter, very seriously. This kind of action will not be tolerated. You have your one and only warning. If you change a pick for someone else without their permission, and it is later discovered you changed this pick for any reason, you will be kicked out of any competition you are a part of with LDBC and you will be banned permanently from competing in any further competitions.

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